Initiation to colour value with FLOATY (painting workshop 6-12 years)

Nous sommes désolés, mais tous les billets les ventes ont terminé parce que l'événement est fini.
  • 6 février 2022
    14 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min
Let’s learn colour value and achieve any desired colour mixtures!
Value has lightness or darkness of tones. White is the highest value, whereas black is the darkest. miyo will teach you how to create depth with colour values. You will be taught how to mix the 3 primary colours and make the 3 secondary ones, then how to mix 2 values of each colour: a light and a dark version. Together, we will then be able to create « Floaty, The Happy Seaturtle »!
Animation in Luxemburgish, French and/or English.
Program: Each child will receive a warmup sheet where he/she can mix primary colours and make the secondary ones. Each child will then receive a lineart of Floaty and start painting values of the sea.
Tariff/child (including class, animation and material): € 30,-
Please sign in directly on our website or send an email to
This miyo workshop is limited to 6 children only, aged between 6 and 12 years
Do not forget to bring a clothing protection!


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